Cairo Day 2 -Part 2 -Dina’s Show

The previous night, Yasmina asked us if we wanted to see Dina. Honestly, it hadn’t occurred to me as a possibility! This is one of many fabulous reasons to stay with Yasmina. 😀

After some research by Yasmina to confirm times and rates, we discovered that it was in fact entirely possible! She has just one weekly public show, Thursdays (well, Friday morning!) at the Samiramis hotel. Yasmina confirmed our reservation and it was a plan!!

After a day our with Nibal, seeing Coptic Cairo, Old Cairo, the Citadel, and the Egyptian Museum, we headed back to Yasmina’s for a 2-hr nap, which was not hard to achieve. 

We called an Uber about 10:30 pm (Thursday night traffic is like Friday night in the US–the start of the weekend) and headed into town. 

The nightclub in the hotel has four tiers for decent views of the stage from everywhere. You can choose different prices based on how close you want to sit. We chose the middle tier price (about $65), and we were fortunate to have a table at the front of an upper tier so we could see well. 

The show started at midnight with three singers performing Egyptian pop songs with recorded music. They had about an hour and a half.

Some appetizers and dips came out fairly early on, though it was too dark to get any photos. (Sorry, Nell!) There were little sausages, pate or foie gras, mini samosa-like pockets, smoked salmon rolls, and some pics of crab, shrimp, and fish. 

A group of four (two women and two men) came in after a bit and sat in the tier directly below us. One woman wore a black turtleneck, pants, and high boots. The other wore a casual someone loose tank top and sort of 90s trendy-again jeans. They both couldn’t get enough of dancing at their table and they were AWESOME. 

The curtains reopened around 2 AM, and there was an 11-piece band on the stage–2 tabla players, 1 giant riqq, 1 frame drum, 1 drum kit, 2 keyboards, 3 male back up singers, and 1 electric bass. 

The singer started offstage, and came out in an absolutely fabulous nude bodysuit with black lace over, sparkles, and spikes on the backs of the shoulders and arms–yes, spikes!–plus a long lace and sparkle train from the back of her waist. She was wonderful! 

At long last it was time for Dina’s show. The curtain opened on a 22+ piece band that enitrely filled the stage. Everyone in the audience had their phones out in anticipation of Dina’s entrance–and then she arrived!! 

Dina’s band at the Samiramis hotel

I was bouncing in my seat with excitement, as you might imagine. It’s really her–right there! Her entrance was everything I could have hoped for. Could not look away! 

Her first costume–cause I know you want to know–was a kelly/seafood green, quite simple and elegant with a  long skirt and graduated slit/swoop, with a heavier gold sequin piece that dangled from the center of the bra and attached to the center front of the skirt. 

After two songs, she exited, and a female singer came out in a gorgeous pink galabeya. Yes, it was time for Taht Il Shibbak! In person!!

Costume number two was an elegant velvet semi-dress, with a vivrant orange/yellow/red bra and teal/forest green skirt with a v detail at the back of the waist. 

Costume number three was a white/black/silver dress with sheer panels and, well, fascinating design. 

Costume number four–and final–and a feat of engineering, indeed, all white and sparkly! 

I’ll screenshot the costumes in the near future! Took some video to document the experience, but really tried to watch more than record…. it’s such a different experience to actually be in the moment. What an incredible night! 

After the show

After the show, we Ubered back to Yasmina’s, since the hotel has free wifi. I had wanted to get an unlocked phone and an Egyptian sim card for this trip so we could Uber more, use Google maps, and look stuff up while we were out, but I just didn’t get to it before leaving. Verizon has a 100MB/100 minutes/100 texts international plan for $40, so I opted for that, using wifi where possible, and the occasional data moment when needed. So far, so good, fingers crossed… (Which, by the way, is not a gesture used or known here, acording to an Egyptian friend.) 

We got home just before the 5 AM call to prayer. Due to excitement and jetlag, I didn’t fall asleep till 8 AM, and then slept till 3 PM. Yeesh. Not terrible to have a day to relax in Yasmina’s beautiful home, however!


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