Maine Womens Magazine Profile

Photo by Yasmina of Cairo

Photo by Yasmina of Cairo

I’m honored to have been interviewed for the September issue of Maine Womens Magazine. This is their issue on teachers and mentors.

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Excerpt from the interview:

Q: Why would you encourage other women to pursue this field? What is your advice?

A: Teaching dance is not a small endeavor. It is a responsibility that we must take very seriously, as movement can either help or hurt others. A good teacher is not made at weekend training. Weekend intensives are a good start, but there is so much more to learn about teaching, from anatomy to learning styles to class construction to the business of running classes. I love seeing the light in a student’s face when they have an “ah-ha” moment. It is extremely fulfilling when your student is able to do a movement or a combination that you’ve been working toward together.

Teaching requires generosity, firmness, confidence, and mental flexibility. It is empowering and gratifying to share movement with others. I would encourage those who are interested in teaching dance to take as many classes as possible in different styles. Learn what you think makes a good teacher. Do as much research as you can, attend trainings, craft a unique class that you are proud of, and share it with the world.

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