The Introverted Performer – Common or Conundrum?

The idea of being an introvert AND a performer can be mystifying to many people. However, the fact is that many of us *are* introverts. I don’t claim any moral ups or downs, it’s simply a fact–and not necessarily a contradiction!

How is this possible?

Aslahan of Boston, a gorgeous, engaging performer, and a most thoughtful and knowledgable instructor, has decided to address this topic. She has developed a new blog series featuring interviews with introvert performers–and, as it happens, mine is the debut piece!

Workshop students with Aslahan. Introverted doesn't mean boring!

Workshop students with Aslahan. Introverted doesn’t mean boring!

Says Aslahan: “When I began performing, I struggled with this idea. ‘Everyone knows’ that performers are extroverts – would being an introvert hold me back? Was it an insurmountable obstacle? I love to perform – how was that possible if performing was extroverted in nature? I became determined to see the advantages of being an introvert, to figure out ways to leverage my introverted nature to be an asset to me as a performer.”

You can read my interview here:

And stay tuned to Aslahan’s blog for more posts on this fascinating topic!


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